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Minecraft PE 1.20.0 is a new update called Trails & Tales for Bedrock Edition, released on June 7, 2023. The 1.20.0 update brings several innovations, including new blocks that will add more possibilities to your gaming world.

One of the new blocks is Bamboo Mosaic, which is exclusive to the bamboo set. This block is created by placing 2 bamboo halves in a vertical line. Bamboo Mosaic can be used to create Bamboo Mosaic Stairs and Bamboo Mosaic Slabs, adding variety to your decorative arsenal.

Another new block is Bamboo Planks, which are created using 1 bamboo block (cleansed or uncleaned) and yield 2 bamboo planks. This block opens up the possibility of creating various items, including Bamboo Buttons, Bamboo Doors, Bamboo Fences, Bamboo Fence Gates, Bamboo Pressure Plates, Bamboo Signs, Bamboo Slabs, Bamboo Stairs, and Bamboo Trapdoors. Additionally, bamboo planks can be used to create bamboo rafts and bamboo chest rafts, as well as for combining with other wooden blocks and items.

Block of Bamboo is a new block that resembles a trunk. You can create it by combining 9 bamboo shoots, similar to other wooden trunks. Bamboo planks obtained from the block of bamboo only yield 2 planks, unlike the 4 planks obtained from other wooden trunks.

An important addition is the Inactive Calibrated Sculk Sensor, which allows players to filter vibrations based on their frequency level. This variant of the sculk sensor does not appear naturally and can only be created using 1 sculk sensor and 3 amethyst shards on a crafting table. One side of the calibrated sculk sensor can receive a redstone signal as input, and its strength will be determined solely by the frequency of the vibration.

Minecraft PE 1.20.0 Trails & Tales is an exciting update that adds new features and blocks to the gaming world.

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