Dinosaurs mod

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Two dozen species of dinosaurs will appear in Minecraft to subdue this world.

In recent years, our ideas about the appearance of dinosaurs have changed a lot. It turned out that many of them were not covered with scales at all but with feathers. The dinosaur mod, called Prehistoric Life, takes into account all the above features in order to carefully transfer them to Minecraft.

Carnivorous dinosaur, relative of Tyrannosaurus

Your game world will become a truly dangerous place in which there is a high probability of meeting a predator that will swallow you in one go.

Giant Spinosaurus

Ancient lizards, however, are also more friendly, such as herbivores. Spinosaurus eats leaves from trees and just doesn’t care about pitiful little people.

Feathered dinosaur

You can tame all the dinosaurs in the game while they are not yet grown up, that is, they are cubs. To feed each type of dinosaur, you need food specially created for them. Below you can see the crafting of such food.

From left to right: Food for herbivores, carnivores, marine predators, flying dinosaurs and omnivores

Once tamed, the dinosaur will follow you and then grow up. An adult-tamed dinosaur can be harnessed to a saddle and used as a riding mount.

Raptor variety

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