Morph into mobs mod

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Morph mod allows you to turn your character into mobs from Minecraft PE.

Turning into a mob, the characteristics of your character will also change. For each mob, this set of characteristics will be very different, and I will talk about this in more detail below.

How to turn into mobs

To turn into mobs, you will need to craft an item — the Soul Catcher. Soul Catcher allows you to steal the appearance of a mob. To transform back into a human, you will need to use the Human Soul from the inventory or die.

Who can you turn into, and what abilities will you get

  • Zombies — he is not attacked by monsters, only iron golems. You will burn in the sun. Killing a villager will cause them to turn into zombies.
  • Husk — He is ignored by monsters but not by iron golems. Does not burn in the sun. By attacking other players, you will make them hungry.
  • Drowned — Ignored by monsters, but not by iron golems. Burning in the sun. Can breathe underwater. Swims fast.
  • Zombie piglin — he is not touched by monsters. Immune to fire and lava.
  • Enderman — monsters do not notice him. 3 blocks high. It cannot pass through a doorway.
  • Skeleton — Ignored by monsters. Burning in the sun. Shoots from a bow.
  • Zymogor — he is not attacked by monsters. Burning in the sun. All bow shots slow the target.
  • Wither Skeleton — is friendly with monsters but is at enmity with iron golems. Takes no damage from fire or lava. Attacks inflict a wither effect on the target.
  • Creeper — doesn’t explode, but still scary.
  • Ifrit — invulnerable to fire and lava. Press the «Sneak» button to start flying.
  • Cow — monsters ignore her.
  • Piggy
  • The hen lays eggs.
  • Sheep
  • The Iron Golem is a creature that is 3 blocks high. It deals a lot of damage from punches. It cannot be discarded.
  • Villager — only zombies attack you.
  • Zombie villager — the same characteristics as zombies.
  • Witch
  • Devotee — if you enter the village with these mobs, a raid will begin.
  • Summoner — interaction with a blue sheep will turn it into a red one.

Download mod 1.19.10
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